Professional Practice Sales has been involved in the sale of on-going practices since 1966. As such, our firm has a reasonable idea as to the value of an active practice at a particular point in time. Recognize, however, that Professional Practice Sales does not dictate market value. We can only give our clients our best estimation of the current market value of a practice per our experience, along with our feel for the present climate in the marketplace. The ultimate value in a sale will be determined between a willing Seller and a willing Buyer. Professional Practice Sales makes no warranties or representations as to the absolute accuracy of this information.

The information contained herein has been supplied by the owner of the subject practice. Professional Practice Sales has not audited this information, nor do we warrant this information as being accurate and complete, although we presume it to be. Furthermore, Professional Practice Sales does not make any claims as to the status of title and/or liens in the subject practice. The information is based on the assumption of a clear title to all items included, and presumes that all liens and/or encumbrances, of any kind, would be cleared prior to, or concurrent with, the transfer of title thereof.

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